Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) presents the annual Festival of the Dhow Countries during the first two weeks of July. The festival celebrates the arts and cultures
The best beaches are situated in the North and the East of the island (Bweju, Jambiani, Page). All the beaches are worth a visit though. The shores are protected by a reef that surrounds the whole of Zanzibar.
Here is something so magnificent about kite boarding, Kilometers of white sandy beaches, bathed by turquoise waters and dressed with slender and majestic palm
Enjoy diving on most of Zanzibar exclusive spots. In the North Mnemba Island, in the South Menay Bay among many other diving spots on the island.
Safari blue is a full day boat trip on a traditional hand build mahogany sailing dhow. Safari Blue explores the Menai Bay Conservation  Area, which is home to two
You will be taken to a close sandbank surrounded by crystalline water, the  ideal trip to relax and snorkel to discover treasures of Indian Ocean.
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